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Green invasion of EP: runners IFA 2011

30 EP: During the IFA 2011 runners in green jumpsuits took over Berlin and caught a lot of attention with acrobatic performances and keen appearances. EP:’s claim is that “Service makes the difference”, so they pushed themselves into top form with spontaneous and sympathetic helpfulness.

Carrying a heavy suitcase, opening the taxi door, pulling a day ticket, helping to cross the road – in everyday situations and with huge dedication the green helpers stood by the people’s sides.

A camera team has accompanied the runners at the IFA and also in the city and held many great impressions which you can see on the EP: Facebook page in the form of pictures and a video.

With this campaign, passersby also had the opportunity to take part in the IFA Photo Contest, to take photos with the EP:runners and to win an ElectronicPartner Asus Eee Pad.

The event was on everyone’s lips – an eye-catching and very effective media campaign. You still can see the green runners in the EP:branches all over Germany.