for the european election

On June 7th, for the seventh time, the election of the European Parliament took place in Germany. From January to April the Federal Government organized a Roadshow where the voters had the opportunity to get answers for their questions about the elections and Europe. In 39 cities nationwide, small pavilions were built up in central shopping centers with interactive information facilities. With publicists from the Federal Press Office, on-site information about Europe was provided and questions about european topics were answered.

From January to early April 2009, 80 hosts/hostesses from TRUST Promotion supported the federal government at all locations in 39 cities. They are responsible for the sweepstakes, approaching the visitors, and providing information about the European elections. In addition to large cities like Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, the campaign has also taken place in smaller towns like Schwedt (Brandenburg) and Viernheim (Hesse). With an extensive personnel database and more than 30 annual auditions, TRUST Promotion was able to provide appropriate and political-affine staff in all cities.