Business Outfit – Business Casual

Whether trade show hostesses, promoters or model hostesses, the right outfit for the corresponding assignment is very important. But how should a business outfit be designed? On which things is a lot of importance placed? Here we give you an overview of the different outfits that are relevant for ladies and gentlemen. We will also show you whether the casual outfit is relevant for hostesses, hosts, promoters and model jobs.

Apart from the right business outfit, a well-groomed and pleasant appearance is especially important. If your appearance, the well-groomed appearance and the chosen dress code harmonize, the client will be very satisfied.

Table of contents

  1. Score with the right business casual outfit
  2. Business Outfit vs. Business Casual – what are the differences?
  3. Casual business outfit for women – what is involved?
  4. The right dress code for trade show hostesses this is what it looks like!
  5. Men’s dress code casual business casual outfit in general
  6. The right outfit for trade fair hosts at a glance
  7. Casual dress code also for promoters?
  8. Special outfits for model hostesses
  9. Conclusion on business and casual outfits for hosts/esses and promoters

Score with the right business casual outfit

The dress code Business Casual for men and women is a casual business outfit and modern office attire. In such an outfit you will feel completely comfortable when you are active as a host/hostess or promoter. Besides the business outfit, this variant is very popular. Above all, the dress code fits to different occasions like:

  • Office everyday
  • Meeting
  • business trips
  • business dinner
  • trade fairs and promotional events

It does not have to be a business outfit thanks to the casual business casual dress code. As long as there are no special requirements from the client in the field of trade fairs, promotions and the like, the casual business casual look is a good option. To get the best jobs as a host/hostess, it is generally important to pay attention to the appropriate clothing and to present yourself accordingly based on the photos in the sedcard.

We at Trust Promotion will be happy to help you choose the right outfit and take appropriate photos.

But what are the characteristics of the business casual dress code? We will show you the most important features.

Business Outfit vs. Business Casual – what are the differences?

First of all, let’s explain the differences between the two dress codes in more detail, so that you are aware of the specifics of the clothing options.

Standard BusinessBusiness Casual
Classic colors black and white in focusOutfit may be more colorful
women preferably with buttoned blazeropen blazer desirable
Tie must not be missing for menNo tie necessary

In standard business, clothing is worn less casually. Some people feel quite restricted and forced in such a dress code. The business casual outfit, on the other hand, allows for more color and a more casual style. People who can decide between the two dress codes, from experience, prefer the casual dress code.

Casual business casual outfit for women – this is part of it!

A casual business casual style outfit consists of various items of clothing. First of all, blouses are worth mentioning. To create an even more business casual outfit, a blazer should not be missing. Depending on the job, pants may be mandatory. In that case, cloth pants are a good choice, no jeans please. If alternatives to pants are allowed, skirts and dresses are relevant. In addition, you wear the matching shoes and accessories. Already the casual business outfit is ready. Of course, you can also find out some details about the various items of clothing here.

Blouses as a timeless piece of clothing

Blouses are the absolute classics when it comes to dress code for work. There are many employers and clients in the service sector that specify blouses as work clothing. There may even be specifications regarding the color or pattern of the tops. In this area, there are general go’s and some no go’s that need to be considered.

– blouse does not necessarily have to be white
– pastel colors such as light blue are possible
– striped blouses look good
– always match bra to top

No Go
– too tight-fitting blouses
– too low neckline
– transparent blouses in white or skin color
– plain tank tops

Blazer as the icing on the cake

Blazers are standard attire in many companies. This outerwear is suitable for business and directly makes you look much more professional. The blazer with its simple cut should go well with the blouse. If you want to emphasize your seriousness and look good all around, stay away from a patterned blazer. Plain blazers in the colors beige or gray go well with almost any blouse. Possibly, a very discreet striped blazer is also suitable. To make the outfit look even looser, wear the jacket open over the blouse.

Pants, skirts or dresses – what is suitable?

In contrast to the normal business outfit, suit trousers are not mandatory for the casual dress code. You often have a choice between pants, dresses and skirts with regard to the casual outfit. The following variations are possible:

  • wrinkle-free chinos are possible
  • comfortable pants are possible
  • plain and dark jeans are allowed
  • plain skirts in midi length (pencil skirt or A-line skirt)
  • skirts and dresses should be accompanied by skin-colored tights

In addition to the many gos, there are no gos that you should pay attention to in terms of your dress code. Casual dress in a business setting should not be confused with casual and light leisure wear. No Gos are:

  • Destroyed jeans – this includes jeans with only small „rips“ and heavy washes.
  • Casual pants
  • jeggings and leggings
  • Skirts and dresses that are too tight or too short

Especially when it comes to skirts and dresses, you should choose carefully. Surely you want to be able to walk normally during your working hours without any movement restrictions. It is also annoying to constantly tug at your skirt and pull it back down a bit.

If you’re wearing a dress, a blazer is a good way to loosen it up. This way, the dress doesn’t look too casual, but is more suitable for business.

Matching shoes to the casual dress code

As far as shoes for your business casual outfit are concerned, you have the choice between ballerinas, pumps and flat and lace-up shoes made of smooth leather. The shoes can come in black or beige colors. Nude is also a good option. Important factors around footwear are:

  • Cleanliness
  • Comfort
  • maximum heel height of 5cm

The shoes should of course match the rest of the outfit in terms of color. In terms of style, pumps and ballerinas generally go well with a variety of pants and skirts.

Rounding off a business casual outfit – accessories as a finishing touch

Accessories round off any outfit well. However, you should not overdo it with accessories. Discreet is the motto in this area. Simple and inconspicuous necklaces, earrings and bracelets are fine for everyday business wear. Even discreet bracelets are allowed. There is also nothing wrong with a wristwatch. Wristwatches with leather straps are recommended.

The right dress code for trade fair hostesses – this is how it looks!

If you want to be active as a student or part-time job as a trade fair hostess, you can’t go wrong with a black pantsuit in combination with a white and opaque blouse as a business look. In general, the two colors black and white are very popular, as they stand for timelessness and elegance. As an alternative to the pantsuit, you can opt for a costume.

A costume is a knee-length skirt with a blouse and blazer.

In contrast to the pantsuit, a costume looks a bit more feminine. It also adds a bit more elegance. Additionally, subtle accessories are a good choice for hostesses. As a good example of a hostess outfit counts:

  • plain white blouse (long-sleeved)
  • black trouser suit (blazer and cloth pants in combination)
  • black pumps with a heel height of maximum 5cm
  • wristwatch with leather strap

A good alternative to the pantsuit is an outfit with a skirt. The skirt outfit includes white blouse, black blazer and pencil skirt as well as skin-colored tights and closed ballerinas or pumps.

Men’s dress code – business casual outfit in general

Not only for the ladies, but also for the men, the right outfit is very important in business. Seriousness is very important. The right combination of different items of clothing is therefore relevant. A business outfit for men includes shirt, jacket, suit pants or cloth pants, accessories and elegant shoes.

Shirts for men – classics among men’s outfits

A shirt is an important part for men’s business casual outfit. Regularly, shirts are long-sleeved. Unlike the typical classic business dress code, a tie is not mandatory. You can do without the tie if a business casual outfit is allowed. Important points when choosing a men’s shirt are:

  • choose discreet patterns like checks or light stripes
  • light blue shirts are always a good choice
  • short-sleeved shirts are atypical and not recommended

If something else is specified in terms of sleeve length, you can of course choose a short-sleeved shirt. This depends on the wishes and ideas of the customer.

Jacket as another garment for casual business dress

Jackets should definitely not be missing from a casual dress code. However, with regard to the choice of color, it is not taken so strictly. The color of the blazer does not have to match the suit trousers. The fabric can also be different. However, you should avoid colorful and patterned blazers. The following factors are important:

  • Do not choose blazer too tight
  • top must be able to be worn both open and closed
  • The casual style is brought across better by wearing it openly.

Pants for casual business style

Suit pants are not obligatory in the business casual dress code, unlike the business outfit. Plain cloth pants also do the job. You could put on a pair of wrinkle-free chino pants. In some cases, even plain dark jeans are the option (not worn and washed out). Preferably, you should wear slim fit jeans, as they are a bit more body-hugging and tight-fitting after all. This simply looks better and looks more serious and not too loose.

Shoes for the casual dress code

Business casual outfits are generally designed to be casual and loose. Likewise, this applies to the shoes. Of course, it goes without saying that you wear clean shoes. It makes sense to match shoes to the belt color or the watch. As footwear are generally suitable:

  • Leather shoes (black and dark brown)
  • Loafers
  • Moccasins

Especially on warm days, moccasins are ideal in combination with jeans pants or chinos. By the way, leather shoes can be combined well with a wide variety of pants. You can’t go wrong with these shoes.

Round off your outfit with accessories

Of course, an optimal dress code includes some accessories. Accessories that are relevant for men are belts and wrist watches. The belt buckle should be in a simple style. You can match the color of the belt very well with the shoes. Black belt and shoes always go great together.

The right outfit for trade fair hosts at a glance

Now we have explained which clothes are relevant and important for a business casual outfit. But what does the right outfit for trade fair hosts actually look like? A dark pantsuit is preferred by most clients. Combined with a white shirt, this always goes down well. As for the suit color, you can choose between dark blue, gray, black and brown. You should do without many accessories such as chains and bracelets. In this case, less is more. But a wristwatch is acceptable. We have put together a good example of the host outfit for you here:

  • dark trouser suit with suit jacket and cloth pants in a uniform dark color
  • white shirt with long sleeves (alternatively you can choose a blue shirt)
  • choose a silk tie if necessary
  • black leather lace-up shoes

If you want to make the outfit look more elegant, organize a simple leather belt. You’re ready for business and you’re ready to go.

Casual dress code also for promoters?

As a rule, there are no strict guidelines for promoter attire. A business outfit with pantsuit, shirt and the like is not required by the clients. Promotion jobs are generally specially designed, so the companies provide appropriate clothing that you have to wear. The aim of promotion jobs is to make people aware of a company or a certain product and to make them curious about it. That’s why there is usually fancy promotional fashion.

No clothes are provided? In that case the dress code casual is relevant. You can opt for a casual and light outfit, which of course does not mean to appear with sweatpants, leggings or oversize shirts. Dressy casual attire is relevant. It consists of:

  • plain and short top like t-shirt or polo shirt
  • plain long pants like jeans or cloth pants
  • shoes like plain sneakers, loafers or ballerinas

For both genders, the composition of the outfit applies. The top should preferably be a solid color in gray, black, dark blue or white. On cool days, a blazer or cardigan is a good addition. Pants should also be designed in dark colors and especially monochromatic. Worn and frayed jeans are taboo.

Special outfits for model hostess

If you want to work as a model hostess, the main thing is an attractive appearance. This includes a neat outfit that emphasizes elegance. Four outfits have proven themselves in this field and are considered typical. These are:

  • Sheath dress
  • Cocktail Dress
  • Business Casual Dress
  • Costume

As you can see, the business casual dress is also conceivable in the field of model hostess. It also depends on the occasion which outfit is relevant. Possibly the dress code is provided by the event organizer. A sheath dress is mostly used for evening events with guest reception. The cocktail dress, on the other hand, is used for a wide variety of events. It is the same with the business casual dress and the costume. In such a job, you have to take into account the requirements of the customer and dress accordingly.

Conclusion on business and casual outfits for hosts/essen and promoters

The trend in this area is clearly going to the business casual outfit, so that you look rather loose and light instead of tense and tense during your work. You can’t go wrong with a plain blouse or shirt, wrinkle-free chinos and matching shoes. If there are special requirements regarding the clothing for the job, you must of course adhere to them. However, if you have the choice and can decide freely, you have many options thanks to business casual dress codes. Thanks to the casual dress code, everyone can feel comfortable and relaxed at work.