Helping Hand / logistics


The term logistics comes from ancient Greek and means arithmetic.

Planning and constructing/dismantling events and trade fairs is one of the tasks of a logistician.

Logisticians play an important role in events and trade shows, as they are responsible for the smooth assembly and disassembly. It’s about the planning and the expedition. The categorization of logisticians ranges from fork-lift and truck drivers to warehouse staff, logistic planners- and controllers. Qualifications are often holistic and analytical thinking, organizational skills, communication skills, and physical capacity.

Review of a spectator at a concert:

“We were in one of the VIP boxes and stayed a little longer after the concert. The balcony had a great view of the stage and the stands. I was amazed by how quickly the whole setting after the concert disappeared / was rebuilt. While the guests left the arena, countless auxiliaries immediately started working. They disassembled the stage, took away the chairs, the floor disappeared , and even the “island” where the sound and the light came from was dismantled so fast that when I looked away for a second I couldn’t even see the the former cunstruction. Within a short time everything was gone. It didn’t look like a concert hall anymore, but more like there was an icehockey game about to start. The logisticians definitely knew what they were doing and everything looked very structured and clear. Everyone knew what his job was.”