The term model is formerly called mannequin.

The duties of a model range from apparel/product presentations to the assistance during award shows. The “classical” models present clothes on the catwalk or during a photo shoot. Models are basically marketing the existence of a company or a product. Models are also used at trade fairs and events. Particularly famous models draw attention to the booths and increase the visibility of companies. There is also a well-known fashion company which attracts the customers with scantily dressed models at the entrance.

Particularly famous models for trade shows are the “Grid Girls”, who should draw the attention to a car, usually in a figure-hugging outfit. There are also models at trade shows who are presenting a new collection on a catwalk.

Qualifications of models vary and usually depend on the outer appearance. Charisma is an especially important part of being a model, as is the body and clothing size.

Review of a trade show organizer:

We deployed two models at the IAA. Two beautiful, tall women who were already on TV attracted many customers who wanted to take photos. That gave us the chance to present our product to a big audience. We also owe a short TV report to our models.