The term moderator comes from the latin moderare = “moderate”, ” control ” , ” direct “. A presenter/moderator is a person who directs conversations and communications.

In most cases, presenters are used in roundtable and panel discussions. Tasks of a facilitator/presenter are controlling and integrating individual speeches, conflict mediation and audience involvement. A presenter should therefore be an active listener, who often has a journalistic education. A presenter’s specifically requirements are foreign language skills and, depending on the event, an expert knowledge about a particular subject.

The age of presenters varies. There are young ones who are in their early 20s, but also older ones. There are presenters who do it as a second job, but also very good full-time presenters.

Review of the CEO of a large cruise ship:

We had an all-day event in Hamburg, thus the presenter XY had to work all day. First we boarded the cruise ship, which was christened. Numerous celebrities were on board and Mrs. XY moderated the day. She involved the audience in the show in a very good way. She presented music acts and charity actions and always made the guests smile with her funny and charming nature. Her knowledge about our charity campaigns and their background was especially fascinating to me. I think she’s the reason why we got such a great donation and I would always re-book Mrs. XY for one of my events.