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TRUST Promotion as an employer

Jobs & Career

Become part of our family team and look forward to a varied job 

Exciting projects. A team that stands firmly behind you and supports you at all times. And real development opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. That's what you'll find with us.

Discover here what other benefits await you.

About TRUST Promotion

We have been operating as a renowned temporary employment agency for 23 years. Our focus is on providing our customers with highly qualified personnel for trade fairs, congresses, events and roadshows in the field of promotion. It is a matter of course for us that the personnel provided meet all the desired requirements and perform first-class work. We can now proudly look back on over 20,000 successful projects that our staff have accompanied. 

We operate throughout Europe and our ability to provide large numbers of personnel is what sets us apart from the competition.

Culture & environment

With us, you will find a healthy corporate culture and an environment in which you feel comfortable.

Career & perspective

We lay the foundations for your professional and personal development through numerous training courses and real career opportunities.

for company Trade fair picture TRUST Promotion

TRUST Benefit System

You have access to an extensive benefits system and over 300 advantages. And the best thing is: your family members also benefit from countless benefits.

Mission & Vision

Join us and make a difference. You will be part of a great mission and go home in the evening feeling proud.

Working at TRUST Promotion

Our agency is in an exciting growth phase and we are proud to be able to support renowned clients throughout Europe. As an employee with us, you will therefore benefit from a wide range of varied projects that will challenge and encourage you. You will also have the opportunity to work in different industries and markets, which will broaden your experience and drive your professional development.

By supporting international clients, you will also have the opportunity to coordinate various events across Europe and find the right personnel for each project. This will allow you to get to know new cities and cultures and gain valuable skills.

We are proud to have a team that sticks together and supports each other. You'll quickly notice that everyone is on an equal footing and committed to each other. We help each other, share our knowledge and experience and work hand in hand to be successful together. 

Open, transparent communication and a constructive feedback culture are also very important to us. This is how we ensure that you always know exactly where you stand and what you can still achieve.

We attach great importance to our employees being able to achieve their individual goals. That's why we support you in planning your career and offer a wide range of opportunities for advancement. Whether you want to specialize in your current field or acquire new skills, we're here to support you on this exciting journey. 

For example, one of our employees started with us as a hostess and rose to become a junior project manager within two years. After taking over quality management a short time later, she eventually became Head of Operations and Quality.

Our Managing Director can also look back on a stellar career. He started as a trainee and later worked his way up from Junior Project Manager to Project Manager and finally to Head.

And all doors are open to you if you are ambitious and have a lot of commitment.

Career changers in particular have excellent future prospects with us. We will provide you with an extensive induction phase and an overview of your personal areas of responsibility, so that you will become an expert in your field over time.

Our internal training system will get you up to speed within a few weeks and systematically teach you the know-how you need for your daily tasks.

All advantages at a glance

As a certified TOP employer, we offer you a secure job, an exciting working environment and a motivated team that sticks together.

Future security

Crisis-protected workplace


Real development opportunities

Team cohesion

Young, cordial & loyal colleagues


Very good pay & employee benefit system

Modern workplace

High-quality working materials

Crystal clear processes

Digital training system & Excellent structures


Project Manager (f/m/d) in Munich

Are you committed, communicative and keen to take on a management position in a young and dynamic team?  

Are you interested and want to know more?

Project Manager (f/m/d) in Berlin

Are you committed, communicative and keen to take on a management position in a young and dynamic team?  

Are you interested and want to know more?

Dual training as an event manager (f/m/d)

In Munich - 30 months in the areas of external personnel, marketing, project management, accounting, sales...and more...

Dual training as an event manager (f/m/d)

In Berlin - 30 months in the areas of external personnel, marketing, project management, accounting, sales...and more...

Part-time job (f/m/d)

If you are looking for a part-time job as a promoter, host or hostess, you can find it here

What our employees say

Lisa Ladewig

Head of Operations & Quality

"The company structure promotes independent work and encourages me to take on new challenges. I have the freedom to build on my strengths and develop in areas that really interest me."

Henrike Leskien

Team leader Munich

"The variety of tasks ensures that no two days are the same. I am involved in different projects, work with different teams and have the opportunity to take on responsibility."

Marlo Wolf

Senior Project Manager Berlin

"We have created a corporate culture in which every single employee is valued and their voice counts. This creates a sense of togetherness and brings us even closer together."

Magda Cuper

Project manager

"Everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas and share their opinions. There is no hierarchy that prevents us from communicating with each other as equals. This creates a feeling of equality and promotes team spirit."

We take you by the hand and guide you through the process

Do you have any questions about a position? Then get in touch with us! We will be happy to help you in a personal phone call.

Your contact person

Lisa Ladewig
Head of Operations & Quality
+49 170 58 70 389

Application process

Select a position, upload your documents and apply via our website. You will receive a notification as soon as your application has been received.

We will get back to you within 5 working days. If we are impressed by your application, we will invite you to an interview in a short phone call.

In the interview, we get to know you and what makes you tick! We'll tell you more about the job and you can ask us all your questions.

If you have convinced us in the interview, you will soon receive a confirmation with an employment contract.

TRUST Promotion Philosophy

T eamwork

Our team is young, dynamic and flexible with a lot of fun at work. Mostly multilingual with many years of experience in the trade fair and promotion sector, commitment and team spirit are not priorities, but a matter of course.

R eliability

Trust us! Crisis situations do not throw us or you off course. The many years of experience of our management and project managers guarantee fast and flexible reactions to all unforeseen events. Trust guarantees absolute adherence to deadlines.


Means international. From Aachen to Zwickau or Andalusia to Cyprus - we are at your disposal everywhere. Our employees work across national borders and can always be deployed flexibly.


Thanks to our position in a full-service communications network, you as the client can take advantage of additional secondary services. This guarantees smooth processing from a single source.

op Quality

For us, top quality starts with the smallest planning and only ends at the end of a successfully completed order. Because your success is also our success.

Meike Klaebe-Leuchtner, Managing Director

What we stand for

"Trust, reliability and openness" - these are values that have always been important to me. Whether privately or professionally. Based on these values, I founded TRUST Promotion in 2000:

From my own experience as head hostess at numerous events, I had learned what really matters. A good flow of information from the client to the agency and on to the staff, precise briefings, accurate job details and professional interaction with all employees.

Open communication for satisfied customers and employees
Founding TRUST Promotion was a new way of taking responsibility for my own business, for my employees and, of course, always in the service of my customers. I pursued my goal right from the start: A trusting and open cooperation - both between us as an agency and our clients, as well as within the team, the project managers and the employees.

Because only those who understand their customers and receive and pass on precise, clear and reliable briefings in advance can fulfill their customers' expectations of hostesses, hosts and promoters. That's why clear and friendly communication has always been a top priority at my agency TRUST Promotion.

Today, TRUST Promotion has another office in Berlin in addition to its headquarters in Munich. And every single event at home and abroad is a highlight in my career - an enrichment of experience in the agency business that I am happy to pass on to my employees and clients.

What is your name?
There is room for you here

Take a look at our vacancies and become part of the best team!

What is your name?
There is room for you here

Take a look at our vacancies and become part of the best team!

Meike Klaebe-Leuchtner, and I'm the boss here.

I like my team #dasbesteteam and I like it when projects go really well.

E-Mail Meike

Henrike Diana Leskien - Team Leader Munich / Project Manager

"Humor is the must-have among life accessories"

E-Mail Henrike

Allow me: Schrader - Maik Schrader - Managing Director

Based in Berlin, of course.

E-Mail Maik

Aylin Jochum - Quality Manager

 "I stand for punctuality & order. To do lists are my life ;)"

E-Mail Aylin

Aylin is currently on parental leave!

My name doesn't matter.

My job: Feel Good Manager at TRUST Promotion

Stefan Hainke from Berlin - Project Manager

Lots of espresso with a daily newspaper and cake in the afternoon. Otherwise: REALLY COOL PROJECTS

E-Mail Stefan

My name:
Lisa Ladewig - Head of Operations & Quality

Prejudice, negative thinking or disorganization... not with me!

E-Mail Lisa

What is your name?
There is room for you here

Take a look at our vacancies and become part of the best team!

My name:
Heike Miersch - Project Manager

"There is strength in calm, even when things get hectic."

E-Mail Heike

Rosha Navidi - Project Manager

You can Trust in me!

E-Mail Rosha

What is your name?
There is room for you here

Take a look at our vacancies and become part of the best team!

What is your name?
There is room for you here

Take a look at our vacancies and become part of the best team!


With sneakers in summer through Berlin, plus lentils with spaetzle & string sausages - "life is beautiful"

E-Mail Marlo

Michelle Berger - Project manager in Berlin

Reliability and always a smile on my face are the order of the day for me!

E-Mail Michelle


Live every moment in action - courageous, determined and unforgettable

E-Mail Bohdan

Turgay Yilmaz

"Integrity and reliability - trust me!"

E-Mail Turgay

Tobias Leskien

"Face challenges - with courage and determination."

E-Mail Tobias

What is your name?
There is room for you here

Take a look at our vacancies and become part of the best team!

Lisa Brik
Project manager

"There are solutions to problems, you just have to know how to help yourself and I will be happy to help you 🙂 "

E-Mail Lisa

Thalia Fabian
Junior Project Manager

Chaotic with lots of structure and class clown qualities - TRUST me! 

E-Mail Thalia

Magda Cuper
Project manager

You can come to me with anything at any time...except sarcasm - unfortunately I don't understand it

E-Mail Magda

Lea Hermann
Junior Project Manager

Sometimes I pretend I'm normal. But then I get bored and I'm myself again.

E-Mail Lea

Vo Thuy
Project assistant

"Reliability and punctuality are my top priorities - TRUST me!"

E-Mail Thuy

Kathrine Skierska
- Project manager

"Reliability and punctuality are my top priorities - TRUST me!"

E-Mail Kathrine

Julia Ryan
- Project manager

Sometimes I start talking before I think about where the sentence is going. I just hope that I know where I'm going while I'm talking.

E-Mail Julia

Mechthilde Bauer
- Senior Project Manager

The true optimists are not convinced that everything will go well. But they are convinced that not everything will go wrong. - Friedrich Schiller-"

E-Mail Mechthilde



Meike Klaebe-Leuchtner
Managing Director

We have been providing hosts and hostesses, promoters, presenters, helping hands, walking acts, logisticians and drivers throughout Germany for 20 years. We turn every event into a unique experience. Professional, friendly and with a hands-on mentality that will make your event a unique success. This only works with a dedicated team that enjoys its work.

Many years of experience - broad spectrum

Like everywhere else, no two days are the same at TRUST Promotion: Spontaneous requests alternate with very complex events that require long-term planning. 

This requires a high degree of flexibility. To ensure this, we offer our employees many opportunities: Freedom to organize their work, to act on their own responsibility and a high level of trust. In return, we expect a high degree of flexibility and loyalty.

Available 24/7 - the team makes it possible

However, no colleague is expected to be available 24/7 every day. However, our clients expect this from the agency as a whole for projects. We make this availability possible together as a flexible team if required.

How and why do clients or future employees decide in favor of one agency over another? Which factors help in the decision? Costs/earnings? Also.
Benefits? A top team? Absolutely!

One team - #thebestteam

As an employer, I see it as my job to make sure that my team doesn't get exhausted. This works above all because the team sees itself as a close-knit community that has come together at regular workshops in Germany and abroad.

Project manager - present throughout Germany

New employees very quickly become part of the core team at the two locations, because large
projects in such a way that we can be present and active throughout Germany. This also allows us to optimally distribute our knowledge of customer requirements and locations to each individual.

Successful together for our customers

I am delighted that the TRUST team consists of many long-standing employees - a fact that is rather unusual in the industry. I have grown fond of a team that can achieve much more as a team than many lone fighters.

#The best team for TRUST Promotion customers. #The best team for you.


Quality management

Quality management (QM) refers to all organizational measures that serve to improve process quality, performance and thus products or services of any kind. This is what Wikipedia says. 

Our service is about the mediation of people's work performance and thus per se we are in the realm of the imperfect, the flawless. 

This makes it all the more important to have processes in place to correct errors should they occur. Our experience from 23 years of personnel services helps us here. There is no problem that we have not encountered many times before and which we have not been able to solve. 

What is important for your project is that we know and recognize potential difficulties at an early stage and have introduced procedures that solve them immediately. 

Industry experts as quality managers

Only those who know the needs and event processes precisely can evaluate, classify and decide on the answers, behavior and preferences of applicants for your project. Our project teams live quality management every day, with every project, with every application.   

Quality or price? ....or both?

Contact our quality manager at quality@trustpromotion.de and let us inform you about our procedures for ensuring the quality of your event. We are convinced that this will put many an offer into perspective.