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Over 17,000 projects in 21 years.

This can only be achieved with solid, balanced cooperation based on „TRUST“. 

But we are also demanding: 

Please only apply to us if you can say that you are reliable: I am reliable. We value this quality above all others. If you also radiate joy in your work, then you are almost one of us.


You alone decide when, what and for whom you work.

We have really cool jobs for you.

We pay fairly – and quickly.

No more paperwork – complete digital processing.

Assignments in your city, if you like also nationwide or internationally.

We take care of our TEAM, maintain a family approach.

In-house training – it’s up to you.

Get to know us and get your own impression. Visit us at the agency in Munich or Berlin. If you like, we can combine this with a casting. Then you have your sedcard done and with it good chances for good jobs.


Peer Borges
Peer Borges


and have been doing so for years! Every time I am happy to see how professional and smoothly good organization of personnel planning can work.


I consider TRUST Pomotion to be one of the best staffing companies nationally and internationally and I look forward to continuing to work with them.

Joy by TRUST Promotion
Joy Steigler


because I especially like the always super nice and motivated support. You can contact the agency 24/7 with all your questions and problems!


The huge spectrum of the most diverse, including international events!

Joy by TRUST Promotion
Joy Steigler
Isabell by TRUST Promotion
Isabell Fiedler


because the jobs offer everything: exciting, abroad, often with new faces or also with dear-known hostesses.


I always feel a good orga in the back of the jobs at TRUST Promotion – mutual trust – WIN-WIN situation!

Frequently asked questions

How does our TRUST promotion app work?

Here’s how:

Download the TRUST Promotion App! For iOS or Android
Create a profile with your personal data!
Take part in our onboarding (web or live) and become part of the TRUST

Look for the right jobs and apply!
You can find more information in our article!

Prerequisite for application

Okay, you have to be 18 years old first. Then you should like to work and deal with people. If you register with us, sign up for a casting (in person or online) and come across as likeable, you’re almost a Trusty.

What do you value?

We expect from you honesty, reliability and professionalism on the job


Just tell us about yourself, who you are, what you can do and what you have done so far. Especially when it comes to your experience and foreign language skills, we need to be able to rely 100% on your statements.


If we offer you a job and you apply for it bindingly, then our customer has a few days to book you. Subsequently, we send you a message that your employment contract is ready in the portal. We expect your immediate confirmation. Otherwise you will receive a blocking notice and no more job offers from us in the future. Game Over.


We also expect a professional approach from you. This starts with punctuality, cleanliness, friendliness and motivated work. We know that not everything always runs smoothly, but in these cases we expect immediate communication with your project manager in the agency. Only then can we take care of your concerns, work out a solution and provide it. 

How much do I earn with you?

Well, as always – it depends:

  • depending on job
  • on your experience

You can assume that the majority of jobs are paid between 12.00 and 18.00 euros.

Casting and Sedcard


Once you have registered, you will receive an invitation to a short casting. We can do this both online and at our agency in Munich and Berlin. The purpose is to get to know each other, to learn something about you and to answer your questions about our agency. A personal impression is important to us. 


Please complete your sedcard in the portal with all the required information. Most important are a few meaningful pictures, on which you come across naturally.

They don’t have to have been done by a professional, but please pay attention to the following points:

  • A neutral background
  • a good exposure
  • in portrait format
  • a friendly smile

You should avoid:

  • Blurred photos
  • Selfies and group photos
  • Eye-catching jewelry and accessories

If you don’t have any photos of yourself, visit us at the office for the casting and we will create some good shots of you. 

Trade license or income tax card?

At TRUST Promotion, we adhere to the current legal situation. Trade fair hostesses, promoters and other temporary staff are bound by instructions when carrying out their work and are therefore not considered self-employed by law (pseudo self-employment). 

Billing on a trade license is no longer permissible. Do not get involved in arguments of some agencies like „say you are a model“ or „you have more than 3 clients“. These agencies no longer exist, at the latest after a financial control of moonlighting by the main customs office (FSK). 

TRUST Promotion employs you on the basis of „short-term employment“ and thus fulfills all social and legal regulations, you are insured through us for accidents and liability. More about this in the next section – income tax card.

Income tax card – Facts

Short term employment

Short-term employment“ is tax-free for you if you are employed for no more than 70 working days or no more than 2 months in the course of a calendar year. You can also work for several employers for a maximum of 70 days, but you must not exceed this limit in total.


You may not carry out your activity as a host/hostess or promoter on a professional basis, i.e. to secure your livelihood.

We may employ you if you:

  • have a main job (employee, apprentice, full-time trainee or full-time self-employed)
  • You are a pupil or student
  • you are a high school graduate and you intend to start studying

What is deducted?

We pay income tax and the solidarity surcharge for you. If your income for the year is below the basic tax-free amount, you will be refunded the amounts paid for income tax and solidarity surcharge with your income tax return.

Income tax card – Your advantages

If you had to take care of the proper taxation of your income yourself with the trade license, as well as pay social security contributions independently, this will be done by us in the future as part of the payroll accounting for income tax. 

In the past, many promoters did not declare their income to the authorities out of ignorance and thus risked penalties (tax evasion, social security fraud, BAFÖG fraud). Through the future accounting by TRUST Promotion, all social security contributions are already paid, for the taxation – if tax is due at all – you will receive a wage tax certificate at the end of the year.

You no longer have to create a profit calculation for your business. Invoicing is also no longer required. You will receive a wage statement at the end of the month. By recording the wage tax statement in your tax return, all income is included in the tax assessment, which you must present to the authorities as proof of income.


  • Business Outfit – Business Casual

    Business Outfit – Business Casual

    Whether trade show hostesses, promoters or model hostesses, the right outfit for the corresponding assignment is very important. But how should a business outfit be designed? On which things is much value placed? … Read more …