Legally compliant employment of hostesses, promoters and students

Accounting via trade license

Since 01.04.2017, the new Employee Leasing Act has been in force. Exhibition hostesses, promoters, event personnel such as service staff must be employed as employees and socially insured.

The accounting of the personnel on trade license means in the meantime = BLACK LABOR.

As a client, you are jointly responsible for ensuring that the agency you have commissioned employs the temporary staff provided to you in a legally compliant manner and is also in possession of a permit to hire out employees. Being jointly responsible as a client means being jointly liable for the social security contributions to be paid (also retroactively) in the event of an audit by the social security authorities.

  • Your company is legally considered an employer.
  • Your company is responsible and liable for correct working hours.
  • Your company is liable for social security and payroll tax contributions.
  • As managing director / board member, you are privately liable for social security contributions not paid.
  • u. Possibly criminal liability for the offense of illegal employment.

Therefore, only hire an agency that meets both requirements. With TRUST Promotion you play it safe.

Unsere Erlaubnis zur Arbeitnehmerüberlassung.

Already for years we have been in possession of the authorization for employee leasing via TRUST Services GmbH. In the course of the introduction of the AÜG law, all business was merged in TRUST Promotion GmbH and the authorization for AÜL was granted to TRUST Promotion GmbH.

TRUST Promotion hires the staff for your trade fair, event or other short-term tasks, and guarantees the correct employment.

WICHTIG: Sie bleiben gegenüber dem Personal während Ihrer Veranstaltung weisungsbefugt!

100% legal security

  • TRUST Promotion GmbH is employer
  • TRUST Promotion is liable for social security and payroll tax contributions
  • TRUST Promotion is responsible for controlling work schedules, vacation entitlements, sick leave, etc.

As a reminder, instant notifications are required for the following industries.

The obligation to immediately report employees in the following industries has already been in effect since 2009 in order to further curb undeclared work:

  • Catering and accommodation industry
  • Companies involved in the construction and dismantling of trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Construction, forwarding and transport, passenger transport
  • Showman’s trade, building cleaning and meat industry

If you book TRUST Promotion in the areas of trade fair set-up, drinks dispensing and event personnel, you are not obliged to report immediately. This will be taken over by us. 

Play it safe.

By booking your personnel with TRUST Promotion, you receive a guarantee of legally compliant employment and transfer. We will take care of all matters relevant to labor law.

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