Trade fair hostesses – the success factor for a successful trade fair

A trade fair costs money,

sometimes even a lot of money. Stand rental, an elaborate trade fair stand and a lot of marketing swallow up a large part of the calculated budget. However, too little attention is often paid to an essential success factor, the trade fair personnel. And this regardless of whether they are provided internally or booked externally.

And, as many studies show, the personnel factor is the most frequent reason for unsatisfactory trade show success.


visit trade fairs and talk to people there about your company’s services and products. At a trade fair, however, the atmosphere is completely different from your usual conversations in your office or with your potential customers. The demands on trade fair personnel are enormous. Long hours, high temperatures, stuffy air, many many people.  Getting your message across in this environment, embodying your company’s identity, requires special qualities in the personnel working at a trade show. Under no circumstances is a trade fair suitable as a „welcome change“ from everyday office life, with a trade fair party afterwards, of course.

An essential factor for a motivated trade fair staff is good preparation in combination with clear goals for each work area, what is to be achieved at the trade fair.

Exhibition personnel at a glance

  • Fair host/hostesses
  • Chief hostesses / team leaders
  • VIP attendants
  • Model hosts / hostesses
  • Product consultant
  • Service personnel
  • Foreign language hosts/ hostesses
  • Helping Hands

Our guide:

Success at trade fairs through personnel“ supports you in the preparation of your trade fair participation, offers valuable suggestions, checklists and working aids.

We will be happy to answer your personal questions by phone or e-mail.

Your guide

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What you can count on from our trade show staff:




good manners

confident demeanor

communication skills

Sympathetic appearance


team player


Foreign languages

Fast absorption capacity

No milkmaid calculation

Staff intern:

Know the product, the company, partly also the customers well.

Often used trainees have no trade fair experience in terms of resilience, service, dealing with customers and must be trained for trade fair conditions..

High costs for accommodation, travel and expenses.

The work in the office is left behind and has to be made up.

High risk – if the person fails, the position on the stand is vacant.

Staff External:

Must be trained on the products.

No / little cost for overnight stays as mostly recruited regionally.

Knife driving and resilient.

Multilingual upon request.

Selection possible according to specific qualifications.

Selection according to external appearance characteristics possible.

In case of absence due to illness, substitutes will be provided by the agency.

Your own staff can take care of their core tasks: Acquisition, negotiations, etc.


Most important exhibition services

Produktdemonstration Messe TRUST Promotion

Product demonstration

TRUST Promotion’s trade fair hostesses and hosts know exactly how to present your product in the best light and offer your customers a unique product experience.

Beste Beratung by TRUST Promotion

competent advice in several foreign languages

Whether English, French, Spanish the trade fair hosts and hostesses offer competent and professional advice in the foreign language of your choice.

Messestandbetreuung TRUST Promotion

Exhibition stand support

The exhibition stand is the most important figurehead. TRUST Promotion’s trade fair staff will take care of your stand, welcome new visitors, direct them to the right contact person and leave a professional impression on your customers.

Serving drinks and snacks

The set-up and dismantling, as well as the operation of the event technology such as light, sound, etc. needs trained personnel. Refreshment drinks and small snacks can help you to shorten the waiting time of the customers and often offer a good conversation starter. The staff of TRUST Promotion will make sure that your stand is always perfectly tidy and that there are no empty glasses standing around.

Welcoming your fair visitors and bridging the eventual waiting time

It can take a few minutes until the right contact person is available at a trade fair. TRUST’s trade fair hostesses and hosts know exactly how to bridge this waiting time for your customers. ​

Assembly and disassembly

Setting up an exhibition stand is time-consuming and often requires some muscle strength. The staff of TRUST Promotion supports you during the set-up, so that you have time for the important preparations.

More points for your successful trade show appearance!


The mood among the team members of a booth is enormously important. It is perceived subliminally by visitors. A positive mood is transmitted to all participants, including your customer. Goal achieved!

Healthy snacks

Trade show work is a back-breaking job and requires full concentration. They also pay attention to the selection of snacks. Fruit, nuts and vegetable chips are a much healthier alternative to potato chips and soletti. Dextrose instead of sweets or chocolate not only helps your employees to stay focused.

Uniform clothing

Uniform clothing at the trade fair promotes team bonding, conveys aplomb and lets trade fair visitors see at a glance who belongs to your team.

Name badges

Name badges are an absolute must for every trade fair stand. Your customers will find it easier to address you and will immediately recognize who they are talking to.


Always allow yourself and your employees short breaks in the fresh air. The light, the noise and the air in the exhibition halls are enormously tiring. A short trip to the fresh air increases concentration and gives new strength.

Sufficient time for training

The prerequisite for a successful trade fair is that the trade fair hostesses/hosts and every other employee know their specific tasks, the products and the company, but also the trade fair stand in detail.

Project examples with trade fair personnel

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Uniform clothing and accessories for your trade fair appearance?