Promoter - the success factor for a successful promotion

The dialog with your target group

.... The streets and shopping centers are noisy and you are bombarded with different advertisements. You don't really have time, are rushing from place to place and are then approached by a promoter... picking you or other people up from this situation and then giving them a positive experience is a difficult task. For the promotion to be successful, you need the right staff. Because that's what makes the difference and gives you the desired personal dialog with your target group.

TRUST Promotion's promoters are highly trained, motivated, likeable people who never lose the ability to smile, even in difficult situations, and who present your product perfectly.

Arouse emotions

We at TRUST Promotion can look back on many years of experience in the field of promotion and know what we are talking about: A well-planned sales promotion carried out with motivated people arouses emotions. Goal achieved.

Successful promotion Holistically planned

What you can rely on from our promotional staff:








Team player



Conflict resolution

Fast absorption capacity



We take the time to get to know our employees in person or online.

Not every applicant succeeds in becoming a TRUST Promoter.

Our comprehensive database enables us to find suitable promoters for the job.

The demands on promoters are becoming ever greater.

Punctuality, enjoyment of work, well-groomed appearance and communication skills are required.


flexible employer - castings via Facetime, Skype or GotoMeeting.

We focus on customer AND employee satisfaction.

Respectful and fair treatment is important to us.

Personal contact with our promoters is important to us.

We know who is made for which tasks and has fun doing it.

We take criticism very seriously and work continuously on optimization.

Quality is more important to us than quantity.

Promotion services

Product sampling

By distributing product samples, you offer consumers the opportunity to try out your product. This type of promotion is very effective because it offers the customer a real product experience.

Flyer distribution campaign

Draw attention to yourself with a well-organized flyer campaign.

Direct sales

The promoters from TRUST Promotion can not only inform but also sell.

Costume promotions

Eye-catching costumes are always an eye-catcher and increase promotional awareness.


Competitions are a popular form of promotion and are perceived positively by consumers.

Best advice by TRUST Promotion


Do you want to know what makes your target group tick? Enter into a dialog with them and get to know their preferences and opinions through a survey.

Vehicle promotion

Strikingly designed cars with your brand name or your product are an eye-catcher in any city.

As a promotion agency, we are active nationwide

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